Luxury Mattress in Singapore - Experience the World's Finest Beds

Luxury Mattress Collection is quite simply in a class of its own. Established in 1996 to cater to increasingly discerning consumers who value quality sleep as one of their top priorities, Luxury Mattress Collection is recognized as the benchmark of ultra-luxury beds. For over a decade, our partnership with the crème de la crème of bed manufacturers - Royal Auping (The Netherlands), Treca Interiors Paris (France) and Vispring (England) - has redefined and elevated the expectation of luxury beds in Singapore and the region. Favoured by royalty, celebrities and social elites around the world, these three preeminent brands are synonymous with incomparable luxury, immaculate comfort and a pristinely restful sleep.

A luxury once possible only in dreams

Getting a bed from Luxury Mattress Collection is like ordering a bespoke suit. These divine beds are hand crafted by artisans using the world’s finest materials, century old traditional techniques, and meticulous master craftsmanship. The supreme ergonomics cosset your body, mind and soul with an extraordinary sumptuousness never before experienced. More importantly, due to individual differences in size, weight, sleeping position and comfort level, every mattress is tailor-made to your personal preference. If you share the bed, we customize each side of it separately based on each of your partialities.   This exclusive service also extends to customized shapes and sizes specially for private yachts and jets. These profoundly comfortable beds are constructed to provide a lifetime of peaceful, restorative sleep