Is Your Health Worth It? Modern Adjustable Beds


Most people think of illness when discussing adjustable beds.  It is true they are the bed of choice for hospitals because they provide a multitude of options to provide health care and comfort to patients and to aid in their recuperation.  But what about regular living and your daily health?

These wonderfully comfortable beds are ideal to assist with both major and minor health issues that millions of people suffer from on a regular basis at home.  Sleep apnea sufferers find it easier to breathe with their upper body elevated while sleeping as do people with acid reflux.  Elevated knees reduces pressure on the lower back.  Raised legs helps improve circulation to reduce swelling in feet, ankles, and legs.  People with hip and back pain can find it difficult to get up after laying flat and adjusting a bed to a seating position can ease the aches and pains of getting in and out of bed.  Adjustable beds are also idea for night owls who like to watch television and business people who prefer to finish off the day tying up loose ends on the laptop in bed.  They obtain the most support and comfort available with the multiple options for seating positions.

Choosing an adjustable bed does not mean you have to resign yourself to having a clunky, unsightly, hospital bed in your home.  Wonderful high end options are available that are modern, sleek, stylish, and have warming leather and wooden features available.  One thing to keep in mind is that they require a lot of assembly with many parts.  If you are not a tech savvy individual, or do not have a lot of time, it is best to have our trained technicians spend a day to assemble it for you in place.  Also if there is any part missing, we will look after it for you.  If you are thinking about investing in your health with an adjustable bed, please ask us about Royal Auping and we’ll introduce you to these technical masterpieces.



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