Pitfalls of Purchasing Beds and Mattresses Online


In a world of online shopping where time saving and instant purchasing is quick and convenient, it is tempting to order everything over the internet.  Is this the best way to purchase a bed and mattress or can there be unforeseen problems that lead to regrets?

There are many questions you should ask yourself if you are thinking about ordering a bed or mattress online.  If you have to return the mattress or bed, how do you pack it properly and ship it to keep a warranty valid?  Will the company accept returns?  Is there a restocking fee?  How does the manufacturer pack it for protection before shipping?  How do you dispose of your old bed and mattress?  What if there are defects and the manufacturer argues it was fine when shipped? Will it fit in the elevator, up the stairway, or through the door?  What if there is a part missing in a complex technical bed like an adjustable bed?  For our clients, the answer to all of these questions is Luxury Mattress Collection will look after it.

The most important consideration when ordering online is that the mattress you order may not be comfortable or properly suited for your body characteristics and experts are not present to guide you through your options.  You may think you need a firm mattress because it is supposed to be good for bad backs however, not all firm mattresses are alike or suited to all back problems.  Your idea of firm may differ from what a manufacturer considers firm. Physically laying on the type of mattress you wish to purchase is the only way to get a true feel of it.  Some websites offer a brief form where you can insert your height and weight but there is more to you than a couple of measurements.  At Luxury Mattress Collection we spend time with you in person to learn not only your measurements but also about your preferences, aches and pains, what you need and expect from your bed.  We use our 20+ years of expertise in sleep systems to provide you with the best options available for your needs and health.  We encourage you to lay on a mattress for ten minutes or longer to get a true feel of each mattress.  It is optimal to try out mattresses and beds after work or at the end of your day because that is when you will be most tired and daily aches and pains may be more aggravated.  This enables you to best differentiate between beds and find the most comfortable, healthiest one for your body.  This experience and knowledge cannot be gained through a computer screen.





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