Find Your Dreams with Your Mattress’s Support


Common sense dictates that if you are uncomfortable, you won’t sleep well.  You toss and turn and wake up sore and tired.  But what is it that makes you uncomfortable?  Perhaps it’s the mattress but what is it about the mattress that is causing the problem?

The truth of the matter is everyone is unique in their combination of characteristics including height, weight, health, pain as well as personal preferences such as sleep position.  This being the case, how can standard mattress supports suit every person ideally for their needs?  A mattress that is too firm can force your body up in the wrong places and a mattress that is too soft will sink and drop your body out of alignment.  If you sleep on your side, a firm mattress may feel fine on the hips but your arms fall asleep from lack of circulation due to pressure.  Perhaps the opposite is true, your arms feel good on a soft mattress but your back hurts from lack of support.  Chronic pain can also be aggravated by the wrong support.  So what is the answer?

A handmade mattress allows craftsman to customize the areas of support to the exact person or persons that will be using the mattress based on their unique characteristics and preferences.  Providing the proper supports to the pressure points; heels, buttocks, shoulders, and head will keep your body and spine properly aligned.  This creates the most comfortable, neutral position that also allows the best relief from pain.  This delightful comfort will bring your body the relaxation needed to fall into a deep sleep where your body can rejuvenate itself and your dreams occur.  Wake refreshed and ready to make your dreams a reality!



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