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The Secret to Happiness is Sleep

Often when children are grumpy or cranky, their parents know it’s because they need some sleep. Is this true of adults? How are our moods affected by lack of sleep? People are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, have slower response times and negative effects on memory from lack of sleep. A tired brain is also more likely triggered by a fight or flight response as opposed to a well-rested one. This leads to mood swings and exaggerated responses..... [Read More]

Memory Foam VS Natural Mattresses

In a world going green and increased awareness of chemical sensitivities, it makes sense to contemplate the mattress you lay on for approximately one third of your life. Is it safe? Are there unseen dangers to your health? It is reasonable to have concerns. Memory foam while comfortable is synthetic and made with chemicals added. Memory foam mattresses often smell bad when made and this can last for a long time. Some also outgas toxic fumes that can cause symptoms.... [Read More]

Is Your Internal Clock Keeping you Awake?

The body’s internal clock is synchronized with day and night. Light cues the brain via the retina that it’s time to warm the body and become more alert. Dark cues the brain to cool the body and for hormones to release melatonin to bring about relaxation and sleep. It seems quite simple but how does artificial light interfere with this process? Artificial light, especially blue light, cues the brain that it’s time to be awake and alert. A bedroom with.... [Read More]

Improve Your Sleep Environment & Improve Your Sleep

The cornerstone to a good sleep is a luxurious mattress paired with the perfect pillow. Can your sleep be improved any further? If we consider the environment in the bedroom and how it plays a part in adding to a fulfilling sleep, there are many aspects that can improve our relaxation and sleep.A bedroom is somewhere that you should look forward to going to relax and sleep. It is a sanctuary after a day dealing with life’s stresses. There.... [Read More]

Lose Weight by Sleeping Well

Losing weight can be difficult at the best of times. It is taught that eating well and exercising must be done in order to achieve weight loss but what about sleep? Does it play a part in helping the pounds melt away? When you sleep well, your body secretes hormones while it rejuvenates and keeps your systems in balance. Some of these hormones help to control appetite, metabolism, and the ability to process glucose. If we don’t get enough sleep.... [Read More]

Is A Good Night Sleep a Matter of Life and Death?

Most of us have had experiences where after a poor night of sleep we felt fatigued, irritable, or could not quite focus our minds on a task at hand. Lack of sleep affects us negatively, but is sleep a matter of life or death? Studies have shown that regular lack of sleep is associated with other medical conditions and health concerns. A few of these are diabetes.... [Read More]

Pitfalls of Purchasing Beds and Mattresses Online

In a world of online shopping where time saving and instant purchasing is quick and convenient, it is tempting to order everything over the internet. Is this the best way to purchase a bed and mattress or can there be unforeseen problems that lead to regrets? There are many questions you should ask yourself if you are thinking about ordering a bed or mattress online. If you have to return the mattress or bed, how do you pack it properly.... [Read More]

Is Your Health Worth It? Modern Adjustable Beds

Most people think of illness when discussing adjustable beds. It is true they are the bed of choice for hospitals because they provide a multitude of options to provide health care and comfort to patients and to aid in their recuperation. But what about regular living and your daily health? These wonderfully comfortable beds are ideal to assist with both major and minor health issues that millions of people suffer from on a regular basis at home. Sleep apnea sufferers.... [Read More]

Choosing a Pillow Doesn’t Have to be Pain in the Neck

Like all great pairings such as champagne and caviar, so too is the perfect mattress and pillow. A handcrafted custom mattress won’t bring you the maximum comfort possible if it is matched with the wrong pillow. The right pillow will support your head and neck properly to allow your spine to remain in perfect alignment and keep your airway open. If your pillow is too soft, your head will drop and extend your neck in an awkward position and if.... [Read More]

Find Your Dreams with Your Mattress’s Support

Common sense dictates that if you are uncomfortable, you won’t sleep well. You toss and turn and wake up sore and tired. But what is it that makes you uncomfortable? Perhaps it’s the mattress but what is it about the mattress that is causing the problem? The truth of the matter is everyone is unique in their combination of characteristics including height, weight, health, pain as well as personal preferences such as sleep position. This being the case, how can.... [Read More]