Lose Weight by Sleeping Well


Losing weight can be difficult at the best of times.  It is taught that eating well and exercising must be done in order to achieve weight loss but what about sleep?  Does it play a part in helping the pounds melt away?

When you sleep well, your body secretes hormones while it rejuvenates and keeps your systems in balance.  Some of these hormones help to control appetite, metabolism, and the ability to process glucose.  If we don’t get enough sleep or a good deep sleep, this balance gets upset.  Not only will you have to eat well and exercise but your hormones will be fighting against you instead of with you.

Lack of sleep leaves us tired and less coordinated than usual.  It is difficult to become motivated to exercise when tired and it is easy to turn to high carb options such as sweets to get that added boost needed to make it through the day.  This adds to the uphill climb toward losing weight and may in fact cause weight gain.  Make sleep a priority and have your mind and body working together to achieve your goals.







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