Improve Your Sleep Environment & Improve Your Sleep


The cornerstone to a good sleep is a luxurious mattress paired with the perfect pillow.  Can your sleep be improved any further?  If we consider the environment in the bedroom and how it plays a part in adding to a fulfilling sleep, there are many aspects that can improve our relaxation and sleep.

A bedroom is somewhere that you should look forward to going to relax and sleep.  It is a sanctuary after a day dealing with life’s stresses.  There is much we can control about our environment.  The walls set the tone and feeling for the whole room.  Reds and pinks are bright exciting colours for the eyes and brain and are best avoided while warm blues, greens, and yellows are soothing and relaxing.  If purple is your colour of choice, keep to the range with blue undertones as opposed to red undertones.  Reducing clutter clears the room and your mind.  Lavender oils, candles, and sachets release their relaxing scent to calm the body while luscious sheets and pillow cases are divine to the touch.

There are some environmental issues beyond our control but can we find solutions to help us sleep?  Your sleep may be interrupted by intermittent noises such as traffic, dogs barking, your partner snoring.  Adding white noise to the room could help maintain your slumber.  There are machines that simulate the sound of the ebb and flow of waves on a shore or rainfall as well as other constant natural noises that bring us relaxation.  These help mask intermittent noises and keep our ears and brains at rest allowing for an uninterrupted sleep.



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