The Secret to Happiness is Sleep


Often when children are grumpy or cranky, their parents know it’s because they need some sleep.  Is this true of adults?  How are our moods affected by lack of sleep?

People are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, have slower response times and negative effects on memory from lack of sleep.  A tired brain is also more likely triggered by a fight or flight response as opposed to a well-rested one.  This leads to mood swings and exaggerated responses to situations and can add to stress at work and at home.It is no wonder bad moods result.

The solution is to create regular sleeping habits.  Seven to eight hours of quality uninterrupted sleep each night is the key to getting the rest your mind and body require.  Although sometimes this is easier said than done, it is the key to better productivity, better moods, and happiness.  We invite you to visit some of our other articles for ways you can improve your sleep and your sleep environment to help you be successful in getting the quality sleep needed to find your happiness.



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