Is A Good Night Sleep a Matter of Life and Death?


Most of us have had experiences where after a poor night of sleep we felt fatigued, irritable, or could not quite focus our minds on a task at hand.  Lack of sleep affects us negatively, but is sleep a matter of life or death?

Studies have shown that regular lack of sleep is associated with other medical conditions and health concerns.  A few of these are diabetes, high blood pressure and hypertension, and heart disease.  Lack of sleep can also worsen mood disorders and impair immune function.  Drowsy driving causes thousands of accidents and many deaths every year.  Without the proper sleep, the mind and body cannot rejuvenate properly and this can lead to more colds and flu because the immune system is not strong enough to combat the bacteria and viruses.

The Harvard Medical School reported that based on data from three large studies sleeping five hours or less per night increases risk of death from all causes by approximately fifteen percent.  This means that yes getting a good night sleep is a matter of life and death.  Arranging your schedule to allow for more than five hours of sleep and investing in a bed for optimal comfort to ensure your sleep is the best it can be are simple ways to improve your odds for a longer life.



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