Memory Foam VS Natural Mattresses


In a world going green and increased awareness of chemical sensitivities, it makes sense to contemplate the mattress you lay on for approximately one third of your life.  Is it safe?  Are there unseen dangers to your health?

It is reasonable to have concerns.  Memory foam while comfortable is synthetic and made with chemicals added.  Memory foam mattresses often smell bad when made and this can last for a long time.  Some also outgas toxic fumes that can cause symptoms such as eye, respiratory and skin irritation, aggravated asthma, and are possible carcinogens.  Although these risks are strongest during manufacturing, they are still present in the outgassing.  When the foam breaks down over time and dust is created, it may be inhaled which is also harmful and therefore should be replaced frequently.

A quality hand made all natural mattress made of natural fibers such as cashmere, mohair, wool, cotton, linen, silk, and horsetail provide a toxin free alternative for healthier living.  There are additional benefits of natural fibers.  They are breathable to help keep you cool at night and are arranged to provide the best support for each area of your body.  These mattresses are durable far outlast memory foam and other types of mattresses that may require changing several times before an all-natural handmade mattress would have to be changed.  Although they may cost more initially, it is a smart investment in the long term not only for your wallet but for your health.



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